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Fireworks Night is getting close, December 12th 2015!!! Something a little different this year - it could be you in the passenger seat of a rally car! 2 lucky people will be in 2 win the ride of a life time. To be in the draw make sure you purchase a program and one lucky numner will win. To get your hands on the other seat be sure to get your 50/50 ticket and we will draw a second number to win. See you all there.
Midget Week at Ruapuna Speedway is being held over 3 nights. Night 1 25 Lap Feature January 30th, Night 2 30 Lap Feature February 3rd and Night 3 40 Lap Feature February 6th 2016. To enter Click Here and download your entry form or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Hey folks just 2 more sleeps til the next meeting and we've had an addition to the program - Sidecars!!! Head on down to see them get it done in the dirt!
We have been given the use of a drinks van which is now located in the pits every race meeting. Support your club and hydrate from the great range of products and competitive prices. All proceeds go directly into the club.

After several years of threatening to show significant growth, it looks like the South Island based Modified Sprint class will get "the injection it needs" according to Allan Daly, who has organised a three round series for the class to take place at Stadium Finance Ruapuna Speedway, Christchurch in January.

The Avon Insurance TraNZtas Lightning Sprint Showdown has attracted three top Australian drivers including their current Ligtning Sprint national champion Sean Iacona. There has been significant interest from the North Island based Mini Sprint drivers as well.

"The Modified Sprint and Mini Sprint classes are so close in just about every way. The Modifieds run motor cycle engines- the Mini Sprint 4 cylinder water cooled engines from road cars. In Australia the Lightning Sprints run both. We are hoping that this series will be the basis of a unification of the two classes in New Zealand," said Daly.

Mini Sprints and Modified Sprints co-existed in the 1990's before the Mini Sprints faded from the scene in the South Island.

Local speedway officials are very keen on backing the series, and the interest from the North Island has been a great motivator for Daly.

"There are too many classes in New Zealand Speedway. Hopefully we can join these two classes together to create a really good section that gives drivers a greater range of engine options. It will also enable inter island movements between cars and maybe a meaningful, true national championship."

In recent years Christchurch based Modified Sprint drivers have freighted their cars to contest major Lightning Sprint events in Australia, and proven to be very competitive against the water cooled inline 4 cylinder engines. In 2011 Southbridge based racer Tom Lumsden almost snared the Australian title when he took his car across the Tasman to compete at Sydney where a late race charge saw him finish second. Earlier this year Lumsden along with fellow Ruapuna competitors Jim Doyle and Ben Gilmore competed in Queensland with Lumsden taking out the prestigious Easter Cup.

Daly is hopeful that this years series, which kicks off on January 30, will become an annual fixture on the Australasian 'small car' speedway calendar.

Photo: Hard charging Ruapuna Modified Sprint racer Verdon McHaffie is sure to be in the thick of the Tranztas Series action.

Aussie 'Wildman' Allan Woods returns to Ruapuna on November 7, with a new car and engine and he's set to make a serious impression on the Hydraulink War of the Wings Series. He's got a new car, a new engine and we hear that it's very much a 'new' Allan Woods heading back to the Garden City so we took the time to ask 'The Wildman' a few questions in regards to his campaign.

RS- Good to see you are back again for this season what's the reason for your return?
AW- Its always good to come and race at Ruapuna Speedway as I have been back a few times and enjoy the company of the other racers and track staff.

RS- You are competitive everytime you are here… what's the secret?
AW- Well it is always good when you have a fantastic crew that works with you and know what the car is doing, so if there are any adjustments required we can discuss it and change things.

RS- There seems to be a lot of controversy every time you race here in NZ can you explain why this happens?
AW- Well I think its good to have the good old trans tasman rivalry as it keeps the racers and fans involved and keeps them coming back all the time. At the end of the day I’m here to get the job done and put bums on seats for all the tracks we race at but at the same time I still want to enjoy our racing.

RS- Jamie Duff ,Matt Honeywell and Jason Scott always love it when you come over to race , do you have some scores to settle with them?
AW- No not at all.I have a motto when the helmet goes on we are all enemies inside the dirt arena but once we leave the arena we should all be mates again and enjoy what we all love doing.

RS- Lets talk about Jamie Duff , who is the current NZ champion. Last summer you and Jamie had an altercation when you guys raced at Woodford Glen, is there still some tension in the air over that one?
AW- Ha that’s a good statement! No not to my knowledge as he is a competitive racer and deserves his NZ1 number on his car but I’m sure he will be out at some stage to prove why he is the national champion. Matt Honeywell will also be trying to prove a point this year as well as he has a War of the Wings crown to defend, so its going to be a very exciting WOW Series.

RS- Will you be doing any other shows while you are flying back and forth across the tasman?
AW- At this stage im contracted to do the WOW Series, as well as the Salute to Goodie and Gold Cup at Ruapuna. I have a new motor and chassis that arrived a couple of weeks ago so hopefully we will be fine to do everything

RS-Finally,we hear that you've worked hard on your fitness in preparation for this summers racing?
AW- Yes, you are correct I have lost a massive 51kg in the last 6 months so im sure we will be on the same playing field now in the power to weight ratio. I'm currently enjoying the new 'Woodsy' and look forward to racing over there shortly

RS-Once again Allan thanks very much for your support over the last few years at RS and best of luck for the up coming season
AW- Thanks very much but before we finish i just want to thanks some loyal sponsors that help make this all happen
Edge Parts and Performance, Mainfreight Cromwell, O'Neils Rental, Myles Forsey, and QT Chassis...See you all trackside at Ruapuna Speedway