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2012-2013 Results

Local Super Saloon driver, Mark Osborne continued his purple patch of form when winning thefourth round of the Elf Super Cup Series at Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Friday
evening, with Invercargill’s Mike Verdona second from Kane Lawson.
Osborne, who won the New Zealand title two weeks ago finished in third place in the openingheat, behind series leader, Ian Burson (Nelson) and Verdona. Osborne who started near theback of the 18 strong field in heat two quickly charged passed his rivals to be in fourth place bythe end of the second lap and by lap five held third place behind Dennis Bolt and Burson.Osborne got by Burson two laps later and four laps from the chequered flag blasted around Bolton the Town bend to take the lead, with Bolt then having to hold out the fast finishing Verdonaon the last lap.The 25 lap Feature saw Osborne lead from the start, from Burson, Verdona and Richie Taylorwith these four quickly opening up a big lead on the rest of the field. With half the race to runBurson and Osborne raced side by side for two laps with Burson making the most of somelapped cars to take the lead on lap 14. Three laps later the race went under caution whenTaylor was forced to retire when his fourth position.
Before the race retuned to ‘green’ Burson retired to the infield
with a flat right rear allowOsborne to inherit the lead with the national champion untroubled to hold until the end fromVerdona and Lawson who set the fastest saloon lap time of the night 16.08 seconds during heat1.Darryl Harris won the Canterbury Modified Sprint title when winning two of the three heats andfinishing in second place behind Tom Lumsden in the other. Nigel Jackson finished secondoverall in the title race, six points behind Harris with Lumsden claiming third place despite onlyfinishing in two of the heats.
Nelson’s Nevil Basalaj was unbeaten in the Midget section back was made to work hard in two
of the races by Dave Kerr.The TQ section again produced close racing with three different winners, Blair Warren, JeremyWebb and Gareth Bindon, with the racing producing several spectacular rolls. Marty Kennettwalked away in the opening race after his car rolled and flipped down the front straight and onto the infield.
Race Results

(Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)
Super Saloons Elf Super Cup

Round 4
Ht 1. Ian Burson (Nelson) 1, Mike Verdona (Inv) Mark Osborne 3.Ht 2. Osborne 1, Dennis Bolt 2, Verdona 3.

Pole Shuffle:
Osborne 1, Burson 2, Verdona 3, Richie Taylor 4, Bolt 5, Kane Lawson 6, MarkCarey 7, Roger Nees 8.
Osborne 1, Verdona 2, Lawson 3, Shane Carey (Nelson) 4, Nees 5, Gavin Hill 6, DionMcMurdo (Inv) 7, Bruce Bolton 8.
Round Points:
Osborne 282, Verdona 268.5, Lawson 221.5, Burson 220.5, Bolt 192.5, Carey182.5, Nees 177.5, Hill 164.5, Bolton 151.5, Taylor 149.5, Paddy North 139.5, Barry Redpath(Inv) 139.5, Mark Carey (Nelson) 121, Dion McMurdo (Inv) 119.5, Trevor Elliot 91.5, Paul Wright(Cromwell) 87, Neil Robertson 56.5, Mark Vincent (Cromwell) 20.
Ht 1. Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Scott Millar 2, Michael Moulin 3.Ht 2. Basalaj 1, Dave Kerr 2, Ben Gilmore 3.
Basalaj 1, Kerr 3, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin ) 3.
Three-Quarter Midgets
Ht 1. Blair Warren 1, Jeremy Webb 2, Kate Warren 3.Ht 2. Webb 1, B Warren 2, Gareth Bindon 3.
Bindon 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Webb 3.
Modified Sprints

Canterbury Championships
Ht 1. Darryl Harris 1, Raymond Phillips (Inv) 2, Nigel Jackson 3.Ht 2. Tom Lumsden 1, Harris 2, Phillips 3.Ht 3. Harris 1, Lumsden 2, Jackson 3
Final Points:
Harris 59, Jackson 53, Lumsden 44, Phillips 37, Craig Phillips (Inv) 37, Brendon Daly37, Hogan Jeffs 22, Caleb Baughan 10, Charlie Jackson 5.
Quarter Midgets

Canterbury Championships
Ht 1. Brad Shearman 1, Jack Low 2, Jay Basalaj (Nelson) 3.Ht 2. Montana Jamieson 1, Low 2, Hunter Rowland 3.Final. Jamieson 1, Basalaj 2, Low 3.


Friday 8 March
The action was hot on the first night of the CJ Phillips Construction Sprintcar Summer Slam atMag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Friday evening, which featured the 25 lap Salute toGoodie plus Round 9 of the $60,000 War of the Wings Series.Australian Shaun Dobson took out the 25 Lap Salute to Goodie showing why he is recognised asone of the raising stars when holding out more powerful cars over the closing laps to win thehighly sought after race.Jamie McDonald was second from Jamie Larsen – both from Auckland, with Nelson’s KrisGerald fourth from Cromwell’s Jason Scott, the defending title holder, with Greg Clemence thefirst local home in sixth place.Tasmanian Dobson, who was runner-up in the Australian title last season, led from the openinglap with all the action coming behind in the 18 car field.Two of the favoured drivers, McDonald and local Jamie Duff had to work from the back of thefield with Sydney-sider Allan Woods. The race went under yellow first the time when former Black Cap, Nathan Astle, clipped the fence on the Prison bend, forcing him to retire.Dobson maintained his lead from Chapman and Ray Baughan with the latter bringing on the‘yellows’ when he spun out on lap ten, which saw Larsen moved into third from McDonald,Woods and Duff, then slowing dropping back through the field two laps later. On lap 15 Duff and Woods race ended when they tangled on the Town Bend with both Daniel Anderson andAllan Chapman then crashing their cars heavily into the Duff and Woods machines.When the race resumed Dobson quickly opened a nearly two second lead, McDonald thenclosing in on Larsen for second spot with McDonald finally making a pass stick in the TownBend with four laps to run, with the former New Zealand champion then closing the gap onDobson but to no avail.Earlier in the meeting Baughan maintained his lead in the General Tyres WOWSeries when claiming a win in one of his three heats while Scott closed the gap to Baughan to 60 points with one round remaining with Scott claiming a win in the final as well as a third andfourth placing. Nelson’s Greg Teece moved into third place overall after Matt Honeywell suffered from car problems. Duff also had a horror night in heat racing leading all his races but forced to retire inall three due to mechanical issues.Ben Gilmore had a busy but successful evening racing in the TQ and Modified Sprint classes. Inthe TQ races he set a new 8 lap record when winning his opening heat before finishing behind

Jeremy Webb in the next ad then backing up with a win in the Feature. In the Modified Sprint he picked up a second and two thirds with Darryl and Kieran Harris each winning a heat race andTom Lumsden claiming the Feature.Dave Kerr was unbeaten in the Midget racing with Nick Donaldson claiming three seconds.A packed field of Six Shooters provided close racing with Sam O’Callaghan winning a heat andthe Feature and Daryl Wright claiming the other heat win.
Race ResultsSprintcars – War of the Wings – Round 9
Ht 1. Allan Woods (Aust) 1, Brett Sullivan (Cromwell) 2, Kris Gerard (Nelson) 3.Ht 2. Ray Baughan 1, Caleb Brooks 2, Greg Clemence 3.Ht 3. Jamie Larsen (Auck) 1, Gerard 2, Allan Chapman 3.Ht 4. Shaun Dobson (Aust) 1, Nathan Astle 2, Greg Teece (Nelson) 3.Ht 5. Larsen 1, Daniel Anderson (Cromwell) 2, Dobson 3.Ht 6. Jason Scott (Cromwell) 1, Jamie McDonald 2, Teece 3.
Series Points:
Baughan 800, Scott 740, Teece 690, Matt Honeywell 630, Andy Erskine 615,Gerard 555, Nathan Astle 500, Chapman 435, Mark Evans 430, Sullivan 370, Anderson 370,Clemence 355, Brooks 275, Cory Price 195 Jamie Duff 180, Scott Gordon 175, Nigel Colvin140, Kyle Shearing 115, Ross McKinnel 115, Nigel Molloy 95, Lindsay Gilbert 90, AaronCleveland 85, Nigel Crosbie 65, Robbie Brown 55, Bryan Menefy 45, Brent Gaudion 40 , PhillCollinson 25, Gareth Thomas 15, Russell Jack 10, Anthony Dawson 5
Salute To Goodie Feature
. Dobson 1, McDonald 2, Larsen 3, Gerard 4, Scott 5, Clemence 6.
Ht 1. Dave Kerr 1, Nick Donaldson 2, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 3.Ht 2. Kerr 1, Donaldson 2, Scott Millar 3.
. Kerr 1, Donaldson 2, Millar 3.
Three Quarter Midgets
Ht 1. Ben Gilmore 1, Scott Bailey 2, Kate Warren 3.Ht 2. Jeremy Webb 1, Gilmore 2, Blair Warren 3.
. Gilmore 1, Webb 2, Glover 3.
Modified Sprints
Ht 1. Darryl Harris 1, Tom Lumdsen 2, Ben Gilmore 3.Ht 2. Kieran Harris 1, Gilmore 2, Lumsden 3.
. Lumsden 1, K Harris 2, Gilmore 3.
Six Shooters
Ht 1. Sam O’Callaghan (Cromwell) 1, Ben Smit 2, Glenn Stevens 3.Ht 2. Daryl Wright 1, O’Callaghan 2, Todd Hay (Cromwell) 3.
. O’Callagan 1, Wright 2, Peter Keefe 3.

¼ Midgets
Ht 1. Jayden Bradley (Nelson ) 1, Hunter Rowland 2, Montana Jamieson 3.Ht 2. Jamieson 1, Jack Low 2, Liam McCoubrey 3.
. Low 1, Jay Basalaj (Nelson) 2, McCoubrey 3.
Saturday 9 March
Local Jamie Duff became the first driver to successfully defend the Sprintcar Gold Cup when hedominated the 25 lap Feature at Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening, withthe meeting the second in the CJ Phillips Construction Sprintcar Summer Slam and the final of the 2021-13 season.After failing to finish a race the previous night, Duff showed that he was out to retain the cupwhen charging from near the back of the field to finish in fourth place in the opening heat behinds Australian, Allan Woods and locals Allan Chapman and Greg Clemence.Duff then led from start to finish to win his other heat winning the race by nearly half a lap fromwinner of the Salute to Goodie, young Aussie hot shot - Shaun Dobson, with Nelson Greg Teecein third place from Auckland’s Jamie McDonald, with Duff setting the fastest time of themeeting at 13.16 seconds.McDonald then joined Duff on the front row for the Feature when winning the final heat fromArrowtown’s Jason Scott and local Ray Baughan. McDonald, who was out to win the Gold Cupfor the first time, charged to the lead in the Feature from Duff with Baughan in third place.Duff seemed content to stay in second place for the opening six laps and then closed in on theformer New Zealand champion with the two racing side by side for two laps before Duff took the lead coming of the Prison bend on lap 10. From this point Duff was always in control of therace and was untroubled to weave his way through the lap traffic, interest then settling on theminor placings with Woods and Jamie Larsen (Auckland) challenging Baughan for third place.McDonald had a scare of the closing laps as his car started to produce oil smoke over the closinglaps but it held together until the chequered flag, finishing second behind Duff with Baughanholding out the fast finishing Larsen to maintain third place.Duff who has based most of his racing in the North Island will contest the North Islandchampionship before heading off to the US to crew for American Jonathon Allard. Nick Donaldson was unbeaten in the Canterbury Midget champs winning all three heats andestablished a new 8 lap record of 2:01.06 seconds when winning the opening heat. Nelson’s Nick Marquet was second overall with Glenn Everett in third place.Ben Gilmore continued his recent dominance in the TQ class, winning a heat and the Feature.Darryl Harris and Tom Lumsden each took out heat wins in the Modified Sprint class withKieran Harris winning the Feature.



English rider Ashley Birks took out the Ronnie Moore 80th
BirthdayCelebration meeting at Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway in Friday evening,with Richie Worrall (UK) second, current New Zealand champion, JasonBunyan third and local rider, Kody Tocher in fourth place.Birks quickly showed a liking to the wide open spaces of the Ruapuna trackand set the fastest time of the meeting of 71.58 seconds when winning theopening heat. The twenty-three year old dropped his only points when beingexcluded for touching the tapes in his third heat, with the ruling later overturned on appeal.In the Final Birks quickly took the lead form Worrall – who only lost duringthe heats was at the hands of Birks, with Bunyan content to cruise home forthird ahead of Kody Tocher.Dale Finch, who recently finished as runner-up in the New Zealand title,looked set to make the final when needing to only finish in third place in hisfifth and final heat race but crashed heavily when leading damaging his bikeso he could not line up in the Final. The two Invercargill teams dominated the sidecar team racing both finishingwell clear of their Canterbury and Nelson rivals. Jason Harpur and passengerMark George took out the Final were the top points scorers clashed who leadhome follow southerners Scott Ayton/Dylan Carnie with locals Aaron Ray/KarlFoster in team place.Ray and Foster kept the flag flying for the Canterbury side claiming two winsand a second during the heats, with team mate Bevan Nuttridge/Nick Watsonthrilling the crowd with some daring riding but were let down but some bikeissues.
(Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)SolosProvision Painting Ronnie Moore’s 80th
Birthday CelebrationHt 1. Ashley Birks (UK) 1, Grant Tregonning 2, Craig Blackett 3.Ht 2. Jason Bunyan (UK) 1, Kody Tocher 2, Daniel Millar 3.Ht 3. Ryan Terry –Daly (Auck) 1, Bradley Andrews (Auck) 2, Conner Spriggs(Inv) 3.Ht 4. Richie Worrall (UK) 1, Dale Finch 2, Hayden Simms (Inv) 3.Ht 5. Worrall 1, Tregonning 2, Andrews 3.Ht 6. Finch 1, Blackett 2, Glen Sole 3.

Ht 7. Binks 1, Terry- Daly 2, Tocher 3.Ht 8. Bunyan 1, Jack McCrae (Inv) 2.Ht 9. Sean Mason (Auck) 1, Terry-Daly 2.Ht 10. Simms 1, Spriggs 2.Ht 11. Bunyan 1, Finch 2.Ht 12. Worrall 1, Tocher 2, Josh O’Docherty 3.Ht 13. Finch 1, Tocher 2, Spriggs 3.Ht 14. Worrall 1. Terry-Daly 2.Ht 15. Birks 1.Ht 16. Mason 1, Andrews 2, McCluskey-Young 3.Ht 17. Bunyan 1.Ht 18. Tocher 1, Andrews 2.Ht 19. Birks 1, Worrall 2, Spriggs 3.Ht 20. McCluskey-Young 1.
Qualiflying Points:
Worrall 14 points, Bunyan 12, Birks 12, Finch 10, Tocher10, Terry-Daly 9, Andrews 7, Mason 6, Spriggs 5, Tregonning 4, Simms 4,McCluskey Young 4, Blackett 3, McCrae 2, Millar 1, Sole (res) 1, O’Docherty(res) 1, Peleti Woods 0
Salute To Ronnie Final
Birks 1, Worrall 2, Bunyan 3.
B Grade
Ht 1. Glen Sole 1, Pete Stenning 2, Bradley Stockton 3.
Ht 1. Jason Hurpur/Mark George (Inv) 1, Aaron Ray/Karl Foster 2, Luke Thwaites/Neville/Chalmers (Inv) 3.Ht 2. Lionel Green/ Shane Breech 1, Mike DeGray/Red Auton (Nelson) 2,Craig McMaster/James Dawson (Inv) 3.Ht 3. Ray/Foster 1, James Douglas/Ricky Pubben (Inv) 2, Erwin Tree/BretPubben (Inv) 3.Ht 4. Scott Ayton/Dylan Carnie (Inv) 1, DeGray/Auton 2, Jason Harpur/MarkGeorge (Inv) 3.Ht 5. Ayton/Carnie 1, Bevan Nuttridge/Nick Watson 2, Green/Breech 3.Ht 6. Ray/Foster 1, Thwaites/Chalmers 2, Douglas/Pubben 3.Ht 7. Harpur/George 1, Douglas/Pubben 2, Tree/Pubben 3.Ht 8. Douglas/Pubben 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2.Ht 9. Ray/Foster 1, Douglas/Pubben 2, Josh Heenan/Harley Biddle (Inv) 3.Ht 10. Ayton/Carnie 1, Harpur/George 2, Tree/Pubben 3.Ht 11. McMaster/Dawson 1, Thwaites/Chalmers 2.
Teams Points:
Oreti 1 74 points, Oreti 2 71, Canterbury 49, Nelson 29.
Harpur/George 1, Ayton/Carnie 2, Ray/Foster 3.




David Kerr continued a remarkable winning sequence when he retained his SouthIsland Midget Car title at Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening tomake it six wins on the trot and is now just one win away from joining the late Trevor Hall record of seven wins.Kerr’s win, the third on his home track, proved to be a tight affair with half the fieldstill having a chance of lifting the title. Going into the final of the three heats, Kerrfinished in second place behind Nelson’s Nevil Basalaj, enough to give Kerr the titleby two points – on 34. Basalaj – on 32 was looking for his fourth title, with NickDonaldson third on 28 from Glen Durie 27 and Glenn Everett 25. The Southbridge engineer started his title defence when coming from grid eight tofinish second behind Donaldson with Durie holding out the fast finishing Basalaj forthird place. Kerr led from the opening lap to win the second heat from Basalaj withSteve McCallum third after Everett was relegated a place for a racing infringement. This left Kerr three points clear of both Basalaj and Donaldson going into the finalheat.Donaldson’s title hopes were dashed when he spun out early in the race forcing himto restart at the back of the field as Basalaj took the early lead. Kerr moved fromfourth to third on the second lap and three laps later claimed second place with atrademark outside pass on the Town Bend to account for Everett.Kerr knew that second place was enough for his “Super Six” title haul with Basalajwell clear at the finish line with Durie holding on to third place from Everett andDonaldson.A packed field contested the Canterbury Three Quarter Midget championship andafter three hectic points races it was Ben Gilmore, with two wins claiming the titleon 58 points four clear of Gareth Bindon with Kyle Glover, who won the other heat,third on 48. Jeremy Webb had a horror run in the championship racing failing to finish theopening two heats made up for this when winning the Feature from Gilmore andBindon. The Six Shooters also contested the Canterbury championship, their first for thenew class with Shawn Ashton three second places just enough to claim the title by asingle point from Matt Anderson with Brooke Wright a further point back to takethird place.Ashton ran out of luck in the Feature when his was involved in a tangle on the frontstraight resulting in rolling his car with Anderson claiming the win from Wright with Todd Hay third.Liam McCoubrey won both his ¼ Midget races with other wins going to Montana Jamieson and Hunter Rowland.

Race Results – Competitors from Christchurch unless stated
MidgetsSouth Island Title
Ht 1: Nick Donaldson 1, David Kerr 2, Glen Durie 3, Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 4, GavinWilkie (Dunedin) 5, Glenn Everett 6, Michael Moulin 7, Steve McCallum 8, ScottMiller 9, Nick Marquet (Nelson) 10.Ht 2: Kerr 1, Basalaj 2, McCallum 3, Everett 4, Donaldson 5, Durie 6, Wilkie 7,Moulin 8, Marquet 9.Ht 3: Basalaj 1, Kerr 2, Durie 3, Everett 4, Donaldson 5, McCallum 6, Moulin 7.Final Points: Kerr 34, Basalaj 32, Donaldson 28, Durie 27, Everett 25, McCallum 22,Moulin 17, Wilkie 14, Marquet 7, Millar 4, Nankivell 0, Brown 0.
Three Quarter MidgetsCanterbury Championship
Ht 1: Ben Gilmore 1, Gareth Bindon 2, Blair Warren 3.Ht 2: Kyle Glover 1, Lindsay Bailey 2, Gilmore 3.Ht 3: Gilmore 1, Jeremy Webb 2, Bindon 3.Points: Gilmore 58, Bindon 54, Kyle Glover 48, Tom Lumsden 45, Matt Leversedge45, B Warren 44, Brian Fridd 39, Kimberley Yeatman 33, L Bailey 33, Glen Milroy 27,Webb 19, Daniel McKinlay 18, Kate Warren 15, Matty Davison 12, Scott Bailey 11,Ryan Chapman 8, Charles Gardiner 6.Feature: Webb 1, Gilmore 2, Bindon 3.
Six ShootersCanterbury Championship
Ht 1: Matt Anderson (Dunedin) 1, Shawn Ashton 2, Brooke Wright 3.Ht 2: Todd Hay (Cromwell) 1, Ashton 2, Anderson 3.Ht 3: Wright 1, Ashton 2, Anderson 3.Final Points: Ashton 24, Anderson 23, Wright 22, Hay 18, James Mellor (Cromwell)14, Ben Smit 13, Chris Farley 8, Kris Jemmett 2.Feature: Anderson 1, Wright 2, Hay 3.
¼ Midgets
Ht 1: Liam McCoubrey 1, Ben Morgan 2, Bailey Patterson 3.Ht 2: Montana Jamieson 1, Hunter Rowland 2, Jack Low 3.Ht 3: Rowland 1, Jamieson 2, Brad Shearman 3.Feature: McCoubrey 1, Jayden Bradley 2, Alissa Clive 3.


Cromwell’s Jason Scott successfully defended his South Island Sprintcar titleat Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening, with locals fillingthe other places on the rostrum, Ray Baughan runner-up and former BlackCap, Nathan Astle in third position. Twenty cars lined up for the title race with Scott leading the 25 laps racefrom start to finish but was pushed all the way by Baughan with Astlefinishing strongly to claim third spot in what is his debut season of racing thewinged V8s.Scott’s win was his third and now joins Roger Gleeson (1982 – 84) and BrucePluck (1995- 97) with a hat-trick of wins on the bounce.Scott and Baughan went into the final in the top of the qualifying heats, bothclaiming a win to earn a front row start with Scott quickly taking the leadfrom Baughan with a real battle developing for third to sixth place betweenDaniel Anderson (Cromwell), Brent Gaudion, Astle and Barry Low. Not even adamaged exhaust could slow Scott down but as the leaders cut through thelapped cars Baughan closed up with ten laps to run before Scott managed toopen up a 50 metre lead when the chequered flag dropped.Astle showed that he is no one day wonder when starting in fifth place andpassed Gaudion on Lap 17 and then got by Anderson three laps later to claimhis best success yet since taking up speedway three years ago. He racedModified Sprints for two seasons before moving up to the Sprintcar Division.Astle set the fastest time of the night of 14.13 seconds, when winning heattwo after finishing in sixth place in the opening heat and currently sits inseventh place in the $60,000 War of the Wings Series which still has severalrounds to go.Former South Island Solo champion, Daniel McKinlay impressed in the ThreeQuarter Midget section winning the two heats before finishing in fourth placein the Feature behind Glen Milroy, Ryan Chapman and Brian Fridd.Racing in the Modified Sprits and Six Shooter classes were very competitivewith Darryl Harris and Matt Doncliff winning their respective Feature races.
Results (Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)
SprintcarsRolly Inn South Island Championship

Ht 1: Ray Baughan 1, Barry Low 2, Daniel Anderson (Cromwell) 3, BrentGaudion 4, Kris Gerard (Nelson) 5, Nathan Astle 6.Ht 2: Astle 1, Kyle Shearing (Invercargill) 2, Ross McKinnel (Inver) 3, JasonScott (Cromwell) 4, Caleb Brooks 5, Greg Teece (Nelson) 6.Ht 3: Scott 1, Brent Gaudion 2, Daniel Anderson (Cromwell) 3, GregClemence 4, Baughan 5, Mark Evans (Cromwell) 6.Qualfying Points: Scott 25, Baughan 24, Gaudion 24, Anderson 24, Astle 23,Shearing 21, Caleb Brooks 18, Teece 16, Evans 15, Low 13, Ross McKinnel(Inv) 12, Clemence 11, Gerard 10, Gareth Thomas 10, Allan Chapman 8,Steve Mora 7, Cory Price (Cromwell) 7, Russell Jack (Cromwell) 6,Final: Scott 1, Baughan 2, Astle 3, Anderson 4, Gaudion 5, Low 6, Teece 7,Clemence 8, Price 9, Shearing 10.
Modified Sprints
Ht 1: Kieran Harris 1, Darryl Harris 2, Josh Walls 3.Ht 2: Walls 1, Charlie Jackson 2, D Harris 3.Feature: D Harris 1, Jackson 2, Caleb Baughan 3.
Six Shooters
Ht 1: Brooke Wright 1, Kirk Hawkins 2, Kevin Clive 3.Ht 2: Sam O’Callaghan (Cromwell) 1, Hawkins 2, Ray Buchanan (Cromwell)3.Feature: Matt Doncliff 1, Kevin Clive 2, Jayden Fitzgibbon 3.
¾ Midgets
Ht 1: Daniel McKinlay 1, Brian Fridd 2, Glen Milroy 3.Ht 2: McKinlay 1, Milroy 2, Fridd 3.Feature: Milroy 1, Ryan Chapman 2, Fridd 3.
¼ Midgets
Ht 1: Jack Low 1, Brad Sherman 2, Montana Jamieson 3.Ht 2: Jamieson 1, Alissa Clive 2, Low 3.Final: Jamieson 1, Low 2, Liam McCoubrey 3.



by Gavin SearleIn what was described by many veteran fans - including myself in over three decadescover racing, as the "best midget car race ever in Christchurch", Michael Pickens andBrad Mosen, both from Auckland, battled it out over the closing laps of the 71st NewZealand Midget car Championship at Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening endingwith Pickens, the defending champion winning his fifth national title in the past decadenarrowly from Mosen and with Dave Gick third to make it an Auckland trifecta. To the sounds of 'Let’s Get Ready to Rumble' the 20 cars started to grid up for the 25lap final it set the platform for the Pickens - Mosen titanic battled who slugged it wheelto wheel over the final laps which had the large crowd cheering above the noise car thecars. Pickens, who had lead from the start looked to have the title under control for thefirst half of the race before Mosen mounted his challenge to win what would have beenhis first national title. On laps 18 and 19 the two cars raced side by side with Mosenfinally taken the lead by centimetres in the next lap.For the next three laps the lead swapped almost on each turn as both drivers produceda series of brilliant slid passes only for the other driver to return the move on the nextturn. Pickens then pulled out the fastest laps of the race in lap 23 which finally saw off the Mosen challenge with Pickens taking the chequered flag by handy margin, fromMosen with Gick claiming third by less than a car length from the fast finishing ShaneO'Conner followed, Dayne Maxwell and Ricky Logan (all Auckland) with Logan's sixthplace also an amazing driver after he start on the grid twenty. Nick Donaldson was thefirst Christchurch home, following Chris McCutcheon (Auckland) for eighth place.Pickens felt that he always had the final "under control"."It was just a matter of waiting as the car got better and better with each lap", statedPickens after the race.Pickens showed why his is regarded as among the top dirt car drivers in the world whenhe dominated qualifying on Friday evening included shattering the 12 lap record by over4 second. In the two qualifying heats on Saturday the 30 year old passed the most cars- 28 to earn pole position for the final. Pickens who has feature wins in Australia, USA aswell as NZ but now looks set cut back on midget car racing as he switches to thesprintcar division.Mosen was disappointed that he has just missed out on claiming the NZ #1."It was great race and I felt we had him (Pickens) but we bent a shock when the fieldbunched up on a yellow which meant I could not tighten it (the adjustable shock) asmuch as I wanted to in the closing laps and that was the difference", said Mosen.Duane Todd took out the TQ Masters title raced over three points with 27 cars lining upin the first heat. The Napier driver won the final heat to go along with two fourthplacings to finish three points clear of Paul Le Cren (Auckland), local Jeremy Webb andAuckland Jarred Taylor who all finished on 70 points.

Results (Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)New Zealand Midget Car Title
Group 1
Ht 1. Michael Pickens (Auck) 1, David Kerr 2, Shane O'Connor(Auck) 3, Alvin Cobb(Huntley) 4, Dave Gick (Auck) 5, Peter Hunnibel (Auck) 6Ht 2. Pickens 1, Gick 2, Cobb 3, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 4, Scott Millar 6.Ht 3. O'Connor 1, Pickens 2, Kerr 3, Alistair Wootten(Auck) 4, Hunnibel 5, Wilkie 6.Qualifying Points: Pickens 32, Kerr 24, O'Conner 24, Cobb 21 , Wilkie 19 - all qualify -Gick 17, Hunnibel 16, Wootten 13 , Millar 12, Steve McCullum 10, Harley Taylor (Auck) 7
Group 2
Ht 1. Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Wayne Green (Auck) 2, Chris McCutcheon (Auck) 3, RickyLogan (Auck) 4, Glen Durie 5, Darren Nankivell 6.Ht 2. Basalaj 1, Green 2, McCutcheon 3, Logan, Scott Buckley (Auck) 6.Ht 3. Durie 1, Green 2, Logan 3, Basalaj 4, Buckley 5, Andrew Brown (Nelson) 6.Qualifying Points: Basalaj 28, Greene 27, Logan 21, Durie 21 , McCutcheon 16 - allqualify - Buckley 12, Nankivell 8, Ricky McGough (Auck) 8, Brown 7,
Group 3
Ht 1. Duane Hickman(Auck) 1, Nick Marquet (Nelson) 2, Hayden Williams (Auck) 3, BradMosen (Auck) 4, Dayne Maxwell (Auck) 5, Nick Donaldson 6.Ht 2. Williams 1, Mosen 2, Hickman 3, Maxwell 4, Marquet 5, Jared Wade (Auck) 6.Ht 3. Mosen 1, Maxwell 2, Wade 3, Hickman 4, Marquet 5, Donaldson 6.Qualiflying Points: Mosen 26, Hickman 25, Williams 22, Maxwell 22, Marquet 21 - allqualify - Wade 17, Donalson 14, Glenn Everett 0, Chris Gilliam (Auck) 0
B Main
Gick 1, Wade 2, Donaldson 3, Hunnibel 4, Buckley 5.
NZ Championship Final
Ht 1. Williams 1, Mosen 2, Pickens 3, Donaldson 4, Maxwell 5, O'Connor 6, Green 7,Basalaj 8, Buckley 9, Wade 10.Ht 2. Pickens 1, O'Conner 2, Kerr 3, Gick 4, Nick Marquet 5, Buckley 6, Wade 7, Mosen 8,Hickman 9, Basalaj 10.

Qualifying Points: Pickens 38, O'Conner 34, Mosen 32, Buckley 27, Donaldson 26,Marquet 25, Wade 25, Gick 24, Basalaj 24, Maxwell 23, Green 22, Williams 20, Hickman20, McCutcheon 20, Kerr 18, Cobb 10, Durie 10, Wilkie 6, Hunnibel 4, Logan 0
Pickens 1, Mosen 2, Gick, 3, O'Connor 4, Maxwell 5, Logan 6, McCutcheon 7,Donaldson 8, Wade 9, Hickman 10, Green 11, Kerr 12, Marquet 13, Hunnibel 14, Wilkie15, Durie 17, Cobb 17.
TQ Masters
Ht 1. Bair Warren 1, Kimberley Yeatman 2, Mark Alexander (Napier) 3.Ht 2. Jeremy Webb 1, Paul Le Cren (Auck) 2, Kyle Glover 3.Ht 3. Gareth Bindon 1, Shane Phillips (Auck) 2, Duane Todd (Napier) 3.Ht 4. Jared Taylor (Auck) 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Justin McMinn (Aust) 3.Ht 5. D Todd 1, Bindon 2, Tom Lumsden 3.Ht 6. Webb 1, Lindsay Bailey 2, Le Cren 3.
Webb 1, Le Cren 2, Phillips 3.
B Main:
Craig Todd (Napier) 1, B Warren 2, Brad Day (Aust) 3.
Masters Proper
Ht 1. Lindsay Bailey 1, Lumsden 2, Gilmore 3.Ht 2. C Todd 1, Taylor 2, Le Cren 3.Ht 3. D Todd 1, Le Cren 2, McMinn 3.Points: D Todd 73, Le Cren 70, Webb 70, Taylor 70, C Todd 68, Bailey 66, Lumsden 65,McMinn 63.
Ht 1. Alan Chapman, Steve Mora 2, Jamie Duff 3.
Ray Baughan 1, Duff 2, Caleb Brooks 3.
Modified Sprints
Ht 1. Kieran Harris 1, Darryl Harris 2, Josh Walls 3.
Caleb Baughan 1, Walls 2, Charlie Jackson 3,