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English rider Ashley Birks took out the Ronnie Moore 80th
BirthdayCelebration meeting at Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway in Friday evening,with Richie Worrall (UK) second, current New Zealand champion, JasonBunyan third and local rider, Kody Tocher in fourth place.Birks quickly showed a liking to the wide open spaces of the Ruapuna trackand set the fastest time of the meeting of 71.58 seconds when winning theopening heat. The twenty-three year old dropped his only points when beingexcluded for touching the tapes in his third heat, with the ruling later overturned on appeal.In the Final Birks quickly took the lead form Worrall – who only lost duringthe heats was at the hands of Birks, with Bunyan content to cruise home forthird ahead of Kody Tocher.Dale Finch, who recently finished as runner-up in the New Zealand title,looked set to make the final when needing to only finish in third place in hisfifth and final heat race but crashed heavily when leading damaging his bikeso he could not line up in the Final. The two Invercargill teams dominated the sidecar team racing both finishingwell clear of their Canterbury and Nelson rivals. Jason Harpur and passengerMark George took out the Final were the top points scorers clashed who leadhome follow southerners Scott Ayton/Dylan Carnie with locals Aaron Ray/KarlFoster in team place.Ray and Foster kept the flag flying for the Canterbury side claiming two winsand a second during the heats, with team mate Bevan Nuttridge/Nick Watsonthrilling the crowd with some daring riding but were let down but some bikeissues.
(Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)SolosProvision Painting Ronnie Moore’s 80th
Birthday CelebrationHt 1. Ashley Birks (UK) 1, Grant Tregonning 2, Craig Blackett 3.Ht 2. Jason Bunyan (UK) 1, Kody Tocher 2, Daniel Millar 3.Ht 3. Ryan Terry –Daly (Auck) 1, Bradley Andrews (Auck) 2, Conner Spriggs(Inv) 3.Ht 4. Richie Worrall (UK) 1, Dale Finch 2, Hayden Simms (Inv) 3.Ht 5. Worrall 1, Tregonning 2, Andrews 3.Ht 6. Finch 1, Blackett 2, Glen Sole 3.

Ht 7. Binks 1, Terry- Daly 2, Tocher 3.Ht 8. Bunyan 1, Jack McCrae (Inv) 2.Ht 9. Sean Mason (Auck) 1, Terry-Daly 2.Ht 10. Simms 1, Spriggs 2.Ht 11. Bunyan 1, Finch 2.Ht 12. Worrall 1, Tocher 2, Josh O’Docherty 3.Ht 13. Finch 1, Tocher 2, Spriggs 3.Ht 14. Worrall 1. Terry-Daly 2.Ht 15. Birks 1.Ht 16. Mason 1, Andrews 2, McCluskey-Young 3.Ht 17. Bunyan 1.Ht 18. Tocher 1, Andrews 2.Ht 19. Birks 1, Worrall 2, Spriggs 3.Ht 20. McCluskey-Young 1.
Qualiflying Points:
Worrall 14 points, Bunyan 12, Birks 12, Finch 10, Tocher10, Terry-Daly 9, Andrews 7, Mason 6, Spriggs 5, Tregonning 4, Simms 4,McCluskey Young 4, Blackett 3, McCrae 2, Millar 1, Sole (res) 1, O’Docherty(res) 1, Peleti Woods 0
Salute To Ronnie Final
Birks 1, Worrall 2, Bunyan 3.
B Grade
Ht 1. Glen Sole 1, Pete Stenning 2, Bradley Stockton 3.
Ht 1. Jason Hurpur/Mark George (Inv) 1, Aaron Ray/Karl Foster 2, Luke Thwaites/Neville/Chalmers (Inv) 3.Ht 2. Lionel Green/ Shane Breech 1, Mike DeGray/Red Auton (Nelson) 2,Craig McMaster/James Dawson (Inv) 3.Ht 3. Ray/Foster 1, James Douglas/Ricky Pubben (Inv) 2, Erwin Tree/BretPubben (Inv) 3.Ht 4. Scott Ayton/Dylan Carnie (Inv) 1, DeGray/Auton 2, Jason Harpur/MarkGeorge (Inv) 3.Ht 5. Ayton/Carnie 1, Bevan Nuttridge/Nick Watson 2, Green/Breech 3.Ht 6. Ray/Foster 1, Thwaites/Chalmers 2, Douglas/Pubben 3.Ht 7. Harpur/George 1, Douglas/Pubben 2, Tree/Pubben 3.Ht 8. Douglas/Pubben 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2.Ht 9. Ray/Foster 1, Douglas/Pubben 2, Josh Heenan/Harley Biddle (Inv) 3.Ht 10. Ayton/Carnie 1, Harpur/George 2, Tree/Pubben 3.Ht 11. McMaster/Dawson 1, Thwaites/Chalmers 2.
Teams Points:
Oreti 1 74 points, Oreti 2 71, Canterbury 49, Nelson 29.
Harpur/George 1, Ayton/Carnie 2, Ray/Foster 3.