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Some of the best 'domestic' Sprintcar racing seen in several seasons was produced at the Magand Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday when Round 4 of the $60,000 TyreGeneral War of the Wings Sprintcar Series was contested.The 20 Lap Feature produced an epic battle with the three front runners separated byless than two seconds at the chequered flag. Jamie Duff took out the win with Lindsay‘The Crowd Pleaser’ Gilbert producing the drive of the night to claim second placefrom Cromwell’s Jason Scott.The South Island wide series has lifted the racing to a new height with interest in theclass at an all time high, with 30 Sprintcars now registered in the south, 21 of themtook to the Ruapuna Clay on Saturday. Close racing produced four different winners inthe opening four heats with series leader, Greg Teece of Nelson backing up his Heat 4win when he took out the next heat . Duff, who was making his series debut due tohis North Island racing commitments, also bagged a brace of heats wins with Scottand Brent Gaudion also tasting success.Duff and Scott started on the front row of the Feature with Duff quickly hitting thefront from Scott and Teece. Duff set an electric pace and was lapping rivals by thefifth lap, with Scott following him closely through the traffic. A little further backTeece and Gilbert were having a great battle for third place with Gilbert’sbreathtaking fence-wide racing line finally seeing him move into third place on Lap13. Duff maintained his lead, and at times was passing rivals two wide coming of theturns with Scott then having to try and defend second place from the hard-chargeGilbert. With five laps to race Gilbert pulled off another brilliant outside pass to claima well-deserved second place to Duff. Scott headed home Teece, from DanielAnderson and Ray Baughan rounding out the top six.Large fields again contested the Three Quarter racing with Ben Tiplady winning theFeature. It was a sombre evening for the TQ Midget section as the large field all hadblack ribbons attached to their cars as a mark of respect for Ryan Stone, a three timeSouth Island champion, after the 38 year old lost his battle with cancer on Friday.However that didn't stop the class from producing some breathtaking action.The Midget class also produced some close racing with Dunedin’s Gavin Wilkie andNelson’s Nevil Basalaj each winning a heat with Gary Chadwick getting the better ofGlenn Everett to win the Feature.Jimmy Doyle had a good night in his Modified Sprint finishing third in the openingheat before heading home Ben Gilmore and Josh Walls in the Feature.

The Six Shooter class continues to grow with each meeting with Matt Williams thepick of the large field with a win and two seconds.Anthony Knowles dominated the solo racing when unbeaten in all three races.Results (Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)Sprintcars
Tyre General War of the Wings – Round 4
Ht 1. Jason Scott (Cromwell) 1, Matt Honeywell 2, Andy Erskine (Cromwell) 3.Ht 2. Brent Gaudion 1, Ray Baughan 2, Jamie Duff 3.Ht 3. Duff 1, Scott 2, Lindsay Gilbert 3.Ht 4. Greg Teece 1, Greg Clemence 2, Erskine 3.Ht 5. Teece 1, Scott 2, Baughan 3.Ht 6. Duff 1, Gilbert 2, Erskine 3.Feature Duff 1, Gilbert 2, Scott 3, Teece 4, Daniel Anderson (Invercargill) 5, Baughan6, Erskine 7, Matt Honeywell 8, Brett Sullivan (Nelson) 9, Greg Clemence 10.MidgetsHt 1. Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 1, Steve McCallum 2, David Kerr 3.Ht 2. Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Kerr 2, Glen Durie 3.Feature Gary Chadwick 1, Glenn Everett 2, Darren Nankivell 3.Three Quarter Midgets1. Jeremy Webb 1, Ben Gilmore 2, James Thompson (Greymouth) 3.2. Kyle Glover 1, Kimberley Yeatman 2, Ben Tiplady 3.Feature Tiplady 1, Gilmore 2, Scott Bailey 3.Modified SprintsHt 1. Tom Lumsden 1, Kieran Harris 2, Jimmy Doyle 3.Ht 2. Glenn Finlay (Invercargill) 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Josh Walls 3.Feature Doyle 1, Gilmore 2, Walls 3.Six ShootersHt 1. Shaun McPherson 1 (Dunedin), Matt Williams (Dunedin) 2, Matthew Anderson(Dunedin) 3Ht 2. Williams 1, Brent Booth 2, Shaun Ashton 3.Feature Anderson 1, Williams 2, McPherson 3.1/4 MidgetsHt 1. Jay Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Hunter Rowland 2, Jack Low 3.Ht 2. Liam McCoubrey 1, Rowland 2, Montana Jamieson 3.SolosHt 1. Anthony Knowles 1, Sean Cox 2, Craig Blackett 3.

Ht 2. Knowles 1, Josh O’Docherty 2, Daniel Miller 3.Final Knowles 1, O’Docherty 2, Bradley Stockton 3.