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2012-2013 Results

Defending title holder, Michael Pickens of Auckland showed that he is thedriver to beat when he dominated qualifying for the Gianni’s Bread 71st NewZealand Midget car Championship at Christchurch's Mag and Turbo RuapunaSpeedway on Friday evening. Pickens, who is chasing his fifth New Zealandcrown threw down the gauntlet, dropping just one point from his three heatsand shattered the 12 lap record by over three seconds when he blitzed thefield to win his first heat race.Pickens was joined from Group 1 by five time South Island champ, Dave Kerr,Shane O'Connor (Auckland), Alvin Cobb (Huntly) and Gavin Wilkie of Dunedin.Nelson's Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) and Auckland's Wayne Green were the classof group two, with Ricky Logan (USA), local Glen Durie and Auckland’s ChrisMcCutcheon all making the cut to progress directly into the finals.Brad Mosen (Auckland), Stratford's Duane Hickman , Hayden Williams andDayne Maxwell - both of Auckland and Nelson driver Nick Marquet qualifiedfrom group three, with all the other drivers now having to contest the B Mainwith the top five finishers going into the 20 car Finals.Qualifying for the TQ Masters was hotly contested with both Jeremy Webb -two wins and Auckland Paul Le Cren standing out. Webb also won the TriNations Feature, after being pushed all the way by Le Cren withAuckland's Shane Phillips in third place.Race Results- Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)
New Zealand Midget cars Qualifying.
Group 1.Ht 1. Michael Pickens (Auck) 1, David Kerr 2, Shane O'Connor (Auck) 3, AlvinCobb (Huntly) 4, Dave Gick (Auck) 5, Peter Hunnibel (Auck) 6Ht 2. Pickens 1, Gick 2, Cobb 3, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 4, Scott Millar 6.Ht 3. O'Connor 1, Pickens 2, Kerr 3, Alistair Wootten (Auck) 4, Hunnibel 5,Wilkie 6.Qualifying Points: Pickens 32, Kerr 24, O'Connor 24, Cobb 21 , Wilkie 19 - allqualify - Gick 17, Hunnibel 16, Wootten 13, Millar 12, Steve McCullam 10,Harley Taylor (Auck) 7Group 2.

Ht 1. Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Wayne Green (Auck) 2, Chris McCutcheon(Auck) 3, Rick Logan (Auck) 4, Glen Durie 5, Darren Nankivell 6.Ht 2. Basalaj 1, Green 2, McCutcheon 3, Logan, Scott Buckley (Auck) 6.Ht 3. Durie 1, Green 2, Logan 3, Basalaj 4, Buckley 5, Andrew Brown(Nelson) 6.Qualifying Points: Basalaj 28, Green 27, Logan 21, Durie 21 , McCutcheon 16- all qualify - Buckley 12, Nankivell 8, Ricky McGough (Auck) 8, Brown 7,Group 3.Ht 1. Duane Hickman(Stratford) 1, Nick Marquet (Nelson) 2, HaydenWilliams (Auck) 3, Brad Mosen (Auck) 4, Dayne Maxwell (Auck) 5, NickDonaldson 6.Ht 2. Williams 1, Mosen 2, Hickman 3, Maxwell 4, Marquet 5, Jared Wade(Auck) 6.Ht 3. Mosen 1, Maxwell 2, Wade 3, Hickman 4, Marquet 5, Donaldson 6.Qualifying Points: Mosen 26, Hickman 25, Williams 22, Maxwell 22, Marquet21 - all qualify - Wade 17, Donaldson 14, Glenn Everett 0, Chris Gwilliam(Auck) 0
TQ Masters Qualifying
Ht 1. Blair Warren 1, Kimberley Yeatman 2, Mark Alexander (Napier) 3.Ht 2. Jeremy Webb 1, Paul Le Cren (Auck) 2, Kyle Glover 3.Ht 3. Gareth Bindon 1, Shane Phillips (Auck) 2, Duane Todd3.Ht 4. Jared Taylor(Auck) 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Justin McMinn (Aust) 3.Ht 5. D Todd 1, G Bindon 2, Tom Lumsden 3.Ht 6. Webb 1, Lindsay Bailey 2, Le Cren 3.Feature. Webb 1, Le Cren 2, Phillips 3.
Modified Sprints

Ht 1. Kieran Harris 1, Darryl Harris 2, Josh Walls 3.Feature. Caleb Baughan 1, Walls 2, Charlie Jackson 3. 

¼ Midgets

Ht 1. Hunter Rowland 1, Morgan McHugh (Auck) 2, Hayden Guptill (Auck) 3.Ht 2. Jacob Le Cren (Auck) 1, Montana Jamieson 2, Liam McCoubrey 3.Ht 3. McHugh 1, McCoubrey 2, Jayden Bush (Auck) 3.


Close racing was the hall mark of the New Zealand Three Quarter Midgetcar Grand Prix, raced at Magand Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Friday evening as 43 drivers chased the blue ribbon event. DylanMacGregor, based out of Auckland claimed his second GP title, from current New Zealand champion,Craig Todd (Napier) with Rachel Melrose, formerly of Christchurch in third place.In the close fought battle less than two seconds separated the top three cars at the end of the 25 laprace, with Duane Todd (Napier) in fourth place from Christchurch's Gareth Bindon.MacGregor and Craig Todd went into the GP as the top points scorers, each winning one of their threeheat races with Melrose, who now lives in Auckland, claiming two heat wins, while Jarred Taylor(Auckland) and Bindon each registered a heat win to head the top 24 cars that contested the GP.MacGregor led out from the green flag from Craig Todd, with Melrose having a battle for third place withShane Phillips (Auckland) before Melrose made a passing move. She then chased down Todd, claimingsecond place on lap six and then closed up on MacGregor. The race went under caution after GavinChappell rolled his car heavily going into the town bend.On the restart both MacGregor and Melrose opened up a lead on the chasing pack with Melrose less than0.2 of a second behind the leader with nine laps to run. She lost ground when trying to pass lappedtraffic allowing Craig Todd to close in. As the three lead cars encountered more lapped traffic they werelocked together on the last lap but Melrose got baulked by a slower car on the run to the chequered flagwhich allowed Craig Todd to claim second by less than a car length.The visiting USA and Australian drivers all suffered from mechanical problems during the night in whatwas their first meeting since arriving in NZ for the Tri Nations Series which will be raced around SouthIsland tracks over the coming week, before ending back at Ruapuna.Nelson's Nevil Basalaj had the ideal build-up to the NZ Midgetcar title which will be contested at Ruapunathis coming Friday and Saturday evening, winning two heats and then taking out the Feature from GlennEverett and David Kerr, with Kerr winning the other heat race.Darryl Harris dominated the Modified Sprint racing with two wins including the Feature while LiamMcCoubrey claimed honours in the 1/4 Midget section which including several Auckland drivers.
Results (Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)

Three Quarter Midgets
New Zealand Grand Prix

Ht 1.
Craig Todd (Napier) 1, Paul LeCren (Auckland) 2, Jeremy Webb 3, Ben Gilmore 4, Dylan McGregor(Auck) 5, Gareth Bindon 6.
Ht 2.
Jared Taylor (Auck) 1, Shane Phillips (Auck) 2, Blair Warren 3, Kyle Glover 4, Brad Day (Aust) 5,Marty Kennett 6.
Ht 3.
Rachel Melrose (Auck) 1, C Todd 2, Taylor 3, Tom Lumsden 4, Blair Warren 5, Lindsay Bailey 6.
Ht 4.
Gareth Bindon 1, D McGregor 2, Duane Todd (Napier) 3, Ben Tiplady 4, Ryan MacGregor(Gisborne) 5, Phillips 6.
Ht 5.
D MacGregor 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Le Cren 3, Glover 4, D Todd 5, Bindon 6.

Ht 6.
Melrose 1, Bailey 2, C Todd 3, R MacGregor 4, Phillips 5, D Webb 6.
Qualifying Points:
C Todd 72, D MacGregor 72, Melrose 66, Phillips 65. Bindon 65, LeCren 64, D Todd62, Glover 62, Warren 62, Ben Gilmore 62, Bailey 60, Marty Kennett 53, D Webb 47, J Webb 47, Taylor47, Day 46, R McGregor 43, Kenny Willey(USA) 43, Charles Gardiner 41, Gavin Chappell 41, Lumsden 40,Brett Booth 39, Kimberley Yeatman 39, Atama Holland (Greymouth) 39, Mel Smith 38, Ben Tiplady 38,Matt Leversedge 37, James Thompson 37, Justin McMinn (Aust)34, Scott Bailey 33, Brian Fridd 30, DanielMcKinlay 19, Ryan Chapman 17, Chuck West (USA) 14, Scott Dobson (USA) 12, Marus Doocey 11, Andrew Miller 9, Mike Griffith (Aust) 0,West Evans (USA) 0.
Holland 1, Tiplady 2, Thompson 3, Yeatman 4, Fridd 5, McKinlay 6.
NZ GP Final:
D MacGregor 1, C Todd 2, Melrose 3, D Todd 4, Bindon 5, Phillips 6, P LeCren 7, Gilmore8, L Bailey 9, S Bailey 10.
MidgetsHt 1.
David Kerr 1, Michael Moulin 2, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 3.
Ht 2.
Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 1. Steve McCallum 2, Wilkie 3.
Ht 3.
Basalaj 1, Kerr 2, Wilkie 3.
Basalaj 1, Everett 2, Kerr 3.
Modified SprintsHt 1.
Darryl Harris 1, Ray Baughan 2, Charlie Jackson 3.
Ht 2.
R Baughan 1, Harris 2, Caleb Baughan 3.
Harris 1, C Baughan 1, R Baughan 3.
1/4 MidgetsHt 1.
Jay Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Liam McCoubrey 2, Jack Low 3.
Ht 2.
Brad Shearman 1, Jayden Bradley (Nelson) 2, McCoubrey 3.
Ht 3.
Hayden Guptill (Auck) 1, Morgan McHugh (Auck) 2, Bradley 3.
McCoubrey 1, Basalaj 2, Bradley 3.
Results First Round of CHCH TQ Club Tri-Nations Sseries at Greenstone Park Speedway,Greymouth
2nz Duane Todd14a Paul le Cren1nz Craig Todd8c Jeremy Webb39c Matt Leversedge16c Kyle Glover3usa Kenny Wiley18a Shane Phillips4n James Nicholson74g Ryan MacGregor


Saturday 5 January 2013
Palmerston North's Steve King and Shaun Carter were the winners of the SidecarInvitation while Darryl Harris took out the Modified Sprint Clay Cup at Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening.King and Carter, along with Paul Humphrey and swinger, Ben Franklin also fromPalmerston North, dominated the sidecar racing sponsored by Digwork, with bothoutfits dominating their qualifying groups. King/Carter won all their three heatsfrom Group 1 with locals Clint Warwood/Paul Auton denying Humphrey/Franklin aclean sweep in Group 2, when Warwood/Auton narrowly took out the final heat.In the Final contested over three heats Humphrey/Franklin were untroubled to takeout the first two races with King/Carter second in the first race from Warwood andAuton. King and Carter then had to settle for third place in next race after a greatbattle with Bevan Nuttridge/Nick Watson (Christchurch), which saw the twocombinations locked together over the entire race for second and third place withpositions swapping three times before Nuttridge/Watson claimed second place by anarrow margin. There was drama at the start of the final race as the Humphrey/Franklin bike failedto fire-up at the start of the race due to battery issues and were then excludedwhen not be able to replace the battery within the 'two minute' rule. This left King and Carter to take the win and overall victory with Nuttridge/Watsonclaiming second place on the final lap ahead of Luke Thwaites/Neville Chalmers(Invercargill), which saw Nuttridge/Watson force a run-off for second place overallwith Humphrey/Franklin. The latter took the run-off easily when leading from thegate with Nuttridge/Watson's machine then slowing with motor problems. The Shands Outdoor Power Clay Cup was keenly contested with Tom Lumsdenmaking an early claim for the title when winning the first two of the three qualifyingheats. Lumsden then damaged the front end of his car when involved in a tangle onthe Prison Bend, forcing him out of the restart. This allowed Invercargill's RayPhillips to take the win from Kieran Harris, the defending cup holder, with his fatherDarryl third. The Harrises then controlled the Pole Shuffle which saw them start theFeature on the front row grids. On the green light Darryl Harris took the leadclosely followed by his son with Phillips in third place. Lumsden’s car had beenrepaired and he started in the middle of the field and over the opening laps workedhis way up to fourth place.Darryl Harris had built up a handy lead over his son to control the race with Phillipsdoing all he could to try and claim second spot before a motor issue saw him retirefrom the race to leave Lumsden in third place. The leading positions remained thesame until the chequered flag with Harris senior lifting the trophy.Kurt Hawkins dominated the Six Shooter racing with two wins and a third from fourstarts with Daryl Wright and Matt Donicliff also record wins.

Anthony Knowles was untroubled to win all the Senior Solo races, racking up fourstraight wins with Poletti Woods taking the runner-up spot on each occasion. The junior racing was evenly contested.
Results (Competitors from Christchurch Unless Stated)
Sidecars - Digworks Invitation
Group 1
Ht 1 Paul Humphrey/Ben Franklin (P. North) 1, Clint Warwood/Paul Auton 2, Luke Thwaites/Neville Chalmers (Inv.) 3.Ht 2 Humphrey/Franklin 1, Thwaites/ Chalmers 2, Warwood/Auton 3.Ht 3 Warwood/Auton 2, Humphrey/Franklin 2, Lightfoot/McWilliams 3.
Group 2
Ht 1 Steve King/Shaun Carter (P. North) 1, Mike Warwood/Nick Case 2, BevanNuttridge/Nick Watson 3.Ht 2 King/Carter 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2, Grant Lighfoot/Shay McWilliams (Inv.)Ht 3 King/Carter 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2.

1 Humphrey/Franklin 1, King/Carter 2, Warwood/Auton 3.2 Humphrey/Franklin 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2, King/Carter 3.3 King/Carter 1, Nuttridge/Watson 2, Thwaites/Chalmers 3.
Final Points:
King/Carter 15, Humphrey/Franklin 12 (after run-off)Nuttridge/Watson 12, Humphrey/Franklin 10, Warwood/Auton 4,Lightfoot/McWilliams 2
Modified Sprints - Shands Outdoor Power Clay Cup
Ht 1 Tom Lumsden 1, Kieran Harris 2, Josh Walls 3.Ht 2 Lumsden 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Darryl Harris 3.Ht 3 Ray Phillips (Inv) K Harris 2, D Harris 3
Pole Shuffle
K Harris 1, D Harris 2, Gilmore 3, Phillips 4, Glen Finlay (Inv) 5,
D Harris 1, K Harris 2, Lumsden 3.
Six Shooters
Ht 1 Daryl Wright 1, Kirk Hawkins 2, Ashley Moore (Cromwell) 3.Ht 2 Matt Donicliff 1, Todd Hay 2, Hawkins 3.Ht 3 Hawkins 1, Wright 2, Donicliff 3.
Hawkins 1, Wright 2, Moore 3.
Solos Juniors
Ht 1 Massimo Roper 1, Tom Harvey 2, Tim Graham 3.Ht 2 Georgia Alvin 1, George Harvey2.Ht 3 Roper 1, Harvey 2, T Graham 3.Ht 4 G Harvey 1, Alvin 2.Ht 5 T Harvey 1, Roper 2, Max Graham 3.Ht 6 Alvin 1, G Harvey 2.

Ht 1 Antony Knowles 1, Poletti Woods 2, Glen Sole 3.Ht 2 Knowles 1, Woods 2, Sole 3.Ht 3 Knowles 1, Woods 2, Josh O'Docherty 3.
Knowles 1, Woods 2, O'Docherty 3.



Some of the best 'domestic' Sprintcar racing seen in several seasons was produced at the Magand Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday when Round 4 of the $60,000 TyreGeneral War of the Wings Sprintcar Series was contested.The 20 Lap Feature produced an epic battle with the three front runners separated byless than two seconds at the chequered flag. Jamie Duff took out the win with Lindsay‘The Crowd Pleaser’ Gilbert producing the drive of the night to claim second placefrom Cromwell’s Jason Scott.The South Island wide series has lifted the racing to a new height with interest in theclass at an all time high, with 30 Sprintcars now registered in the south, 21 of themtook to the Ruapuna Clay on Saturday. Close racing produced four different winners inthe opening four heats with series leader, Greg Teece of Nelson backing up his Heat 4win when he took out the next heat . Duff, who was making his series debut due tohis North Island racing commitments, also bagged a brace of heats wins with Scottand Brent Gaudion also tasting success.Duff and Scott started on the front row of the Feature with Duff quickly hitting thefront from Scott and Teece. Duff set an electric pace and was lapping rivals by thefifth lap, with Scott following him closely through the traffic. A little further backTeece and Gilbert were having a great battle for third place with Gilbert’sbreathtaking fence-wide racing line finally seeing him move into third place on Lap13. Duff maintained his lead, and at times was passing rivals two wide coming of theturns with Scott then having to try and defend second place from the hard-chargeGilbert. With five laps to race Gilbert pulled off another brilliant outside pass to claima well-deserved second place to Duff. Scott headed home Teece, from DanielAnderson and Ray Baughan rounding out the top six.Large fields again contested the Three Quarter racing with Ben Tiplady winning theFeature. It was a sombre evening for the TQ Midget section as the large field all hadblack ribbons attached to their cars as a mark of respect for Ryan Stone, a three timeSouth Island champion, after the 38 year old lost his battle with cancer on Friday.However that didn't stop the class from producing some breathtaking action.The Midget class also produced some close racing with Dunedin’s Gavin Wilkie andNelson’s Nevil Basalaj each winning a heat with Gary Chadwick getting the better ofGlenn Everett to win the Feature.Jimmy Doyle had a good night in his Modified Sprint finishing third in the openingheat before heading home Ben Gilmore and Josh Walls in the Feature.

The Six Shooter class continues to grow with each meeting with Matt Williams thepick of the large field with a win and two seconds.Anthony Knowles dominated the solo racing when unbeaten in all three races.Results (Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)Sprintcars
Tyre General War of the Wings – Round 4
Ht 1. Jason Scott (Cromwell) 1, Matt Honeywell 2, Andy Erskine (Cromwell) 3.Ht 2. Brent Gaudion 1, Ray Baughan 2, Jamie Duff 3.Ht 3. Duff 1, Scott 2, Lindsay Gilbert 3.Ht 4. Greg Teece 1, Greg Clemence 2, Erskine 3.Ht 5. Teece 1, Scott 2, Baughan 3.Ht 6. Duff 1, Gilbert 2, Erskine 3.Feature Duff 1, Gilbert 2, Scott 3, Teece 4, Daniel Anderson (Invercargill) 5, Baughan6, Erskine 7, Matt Honeywell 8, Brett Sullivan (Nelson) 9, Greg Clemence 10.MidgetsHt 1. Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 1, Steve McCallum 2, David Kerr 3.Ht 2. Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Kerr 2, Glen Durie 3.Feature Gary Chadwick 1, Glenn Everett 2, Darren Nankivell 3.Three Quarter Midgets1. Jeremy Webb 1, Ben Gilmore 2, James Thompson (Greymouth) 3.2. Kyle Glover 1, Kimberley Yeatman 2, Ben Tiplady 3.Feature Tiplady 1, Gilmore 2, Scott Bailey 3.Modified SprintsHt 1. Tom Lumsden 1, Kieran Harris 2, Jimmy Doyle 3.Ht 2. Glenn Finlay (Invercargill) 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Josh Walls 3.Feature Doyle 1, Gilmore 2, Walls 3.Six ShootersHt 1. Shaun McPherson 1 (Dunedin), Matt Williams (Dunedin) 2, Matthew Anderson(Dunedin) 3Ht 2. Williams 1, Brent Booth 2, Shaun Ashton 3.Feature Anderson 1, Williams 2, McPherson 3.1/4 MidgetsHt 1. Jay Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Hunter Rowland 2, Jack Low 3.Ht 2. Liam McCoubrey 1, Rowland 2, Montana Jamieson 3.SolosHt 1. Anthony Knowles 1, Sean Cox 2, Craig Blackett 3.

Ht 2. Knowles 1, Josh O’Docherty 2, Daniel Miller 3.Final Knowles 1, O’Docherty 2, Bradley Stockton 3.


The opening round of the Barry Butterworth Memorial Trophy Midge Car Serieswas contested at the Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday nightwith the 13 car strong field producing some excellent racing as the driverslooked to gain an early advantage in the series.Nelson’s Nevil ‘The Bullet’ Basalaj took out the opening heat after a titanicbattle with Nick Donaldson, who was making his return to the track aftermissing most of last season’s racing. Current South Island Championship,David Kerr, who finished in third place, was never far from the action, and hada great duel with Basalaj during the early laps. Nick Marquet (Nelson) thedefending series champion took out the second heat but was pressured all theway by Kerr with Dunedin’s Gavin Wilkie finishing third, from locals GrahamSharp and Glen Durie. Car problems forced Basalaj out of the race with fourlaps remaining while he was holding third place.Basalaj was back to winning form in the third and final heat after he passedthe hard charging Donaldson on lap three, however the slick racing surfacemade passing difficult and several drivers spun their cars while battling thewind affected track. Durie claimed second spot from Mike Moulin with Kerrfinally edging out Steve McCallum for fourth place.Kerr from Southbridge heads the points table on 33, with Durie three pointsadrift with Basalaj 26, heading a log jam mid pack with McCallum 25, Marquet24, Sharp 23 and Wilkie 21. Wilkie took out the Feature from McCallum andDonaldson. The Sprintcar racing was keenly contested with Matt Honeywell winning theopening heat from former cricketing Black Cap legend Nathan Astle. FormerInvercargill driver Brent Gaudion crossed the line in third. Ray Baughan wonthe next heat from Honeywell and Astle. Baughan continued his impressiveform to log his first feature race win of the season, heading home Gaudion andHoneywell. Astle had finished second but was relegated two places for jumping his starting position. There were five different winners in the Three Quarter Midget Car section withKate Warren, brother Blair, Ben Tiplady and Jeremy Webb all claiming heatwins with Gareth Bindon winning the Feature with Dick Webb second from hisson Jeremy.Sixteen Six Shooters took to the track producing racing right throughout thelarge field with Matt Anderson (Dunedin) and Andrew Marker claiming heatwins before Barton Dick of Dunedin took out the chequered flag in the Feature. The Harris family dominated the small Modified Sprint field with Darryl Harrisfinishing third and first in the two heats before having to settle for secondplace in the Feature behind his son Kieran Harris, with Jimmy Doyle in thirdplace. Doyle had also won a preliminary heat race.Newcomers Mike Warwood and Nick Chase won both sidecar events. BenMorgan was the pick of the Quarter Midget class winning two of the threeraces with Liam McCoubrey also having a good meeting with two seconds anda third.

Race Results (Competitors f rom Christchurch unless Stated)Midgets
Barry Butterworth Memorial Series – Round 1
Ht 1. Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Nick Donaldson 2, David Kerr 3.Ht 2. Nick Marquet (Nelson) 1, David Kerr 2, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 3.Ht 3. Nevil Basalaj 1, Glen Durie 2, Michael Moulin 3.Points: Kerr 33, Durie 30, Basalaj 26, McCallum 25, Marquet 24, Sharp 23,Wilkie 21, Moulin 17, Everett 14, Donaldson 12, Chadwick 0, Brian Barclay 0,Scott Millar 0Feature. Wilkie 1, McCallum 2, Donaldson 3.
Ht 1. Matt Honeywell 1, Nathan Astle 2, Brent Gaudion 3.Ht 2. Ray Baughan 1, Honeywell 2, Astle 3.Feature. Baughan 1, Gaudion 2, Honeywell 3.
Three Quarter Midgets
Ht 1. Kate Warren 1, Marcus Doocey 2, Brian Fridd 3.Ht 2. Blair Warren 1, Lindsay Bailey 2, Kyle Glover 3.Ht 3. Ben Tiplady 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Blair Warren 3.Ht 4. Jeremy Webb 1, K Warren 2, Rachel Melrose 3.Feature. Gareth Bindon 1, Dick Webb 2, J Webb 3.
Modified Sprints
Ht 1. Jimmy Doyle 1, Josh Wells 2, Darryl Harris 3.Ht 2. D Harris 1, Kieran Harris 2, Josh Wells 3.Feature. K Harris 1, D Harris 2, Doyle 3.
Six Shooters
Ht 1. Matt Anderson(Dunedin) 1, Todd Hay (Invercargill) 2, Barton Dick(Dunedin) 3.Ht 2. Andrew Marker 1, Ben Smit 2, Kieran Stevens (Cromwell) 3.Feature. Dick 1, Kurt Hawkins 2, Shaun Ashton 3.
Quarter Midgets
Ht 1. Jayden Bradley (Nelson) 1, Liam McCoubrey 2, Jay Basalaj 3 (Nelson) 3.

Ht 2. Ben Morgan 1, McCoubrey 2, Hunter Rowland 3.Feature. Morgan 1, Brad Shearman 2 McCourbrey 3.
Ht 1. Mike Warwood/Nick Chase , Lester Schroder/Simon Bryant (Blenheim) 2,Clint Warwood/Paul Auton 3.Ht 2. Warwood/Auton 1, Warwood/Chase 2.


Nelson’s Greg Teece took out the opening round of the General Tyres War of the WingsSprintcar series at Mag and Turbo Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening. Teecetook out the win from local Matt Honeywell with Cromwell’s Jason Scott in third place.The meeting, the first of the new season almost did not take place as a violent electricalstorm hit the track just before 6pm and the result heavy downpour left the track under water but the competitors decided to race and after the track was ‘wheel packed’ theracing started over an hour late.The War of the Wings saw 20 V’8 sprintcars start in the opening round of the $60,000 -ten round series that will take in seven tracks throughout the South Island.Teece, aformer rally car driver, made a steady start to the meeting when he finished in fifth placein his opening heat, and then claimed two third placing in his remaining heats. Ashburton's Matt Honeywell and Palmerston North driver Bryan Menefy were the stand-outs in the heat racing, both taking out two wins, with the other heat wins going toDaniel Anderson (Cromwell) and Southbridge racer Lindsay Gilbert.Going into the 20 lap Feature Menefy was top scorers and started on the outside of front row alongside Scott, with Teece on the next row. Scott made a mistake on theopening turn which allowed Menefy to jump clear with Teece moving into second placeby the end of the first lap, from Ray Baughan and Scott. With Menefy controlling therace and Teece in a comfortable second place, a great dice developed for third placebetween Baughan, Scott and Honeywell over the first half of the race, with positioningswapping several times. Up the front Teece was slowly closing in on Menefy as theleaders weaved their way past lapped cars. With six laps remaining Menefy crossed uptoo far coming out of the Town Bend, almost spinning only to be straightened by Teece,causing Teece’s car to stall. Officials first put Teeece to the back of the field but thenaltered their ruling which saw Teece restart at the front and Menefy being moved to theback as the prime cause.Teece come under pressure from Honeywell over the closing laps, but the Nelson driver held one to record an impressive win with Scott just holding out the hard chargingBaughan for third place. The series now moves north for a double header next weekendat Blenheim and Nelson. A large field of Three Quarter Midget cars provided plenty of action, including severalrolls, with the closing racing seeing eight different drivers finishing in the up three of their three heat. Teenager Matt Leversedge won the opening heat, with Atama Hollandthe next with Gareth Brindon, the only driver to claim two top three placings winning theFeature from Marcus Doocey and Kate Warren.

With the New Zealand Midget title being raced at Ruapuna in January, Glen Durie had agood meeting recording a win and a third in the heats before claiming victory in theFeature where he headed home Dunedin’s Gavin Wilkie and Glenn Everett.Kieran Harris and Joss Walls were the pick of the modified drivers, each taking a winwith the Quarter Midget field producing closing racing with Liam McCoubrey and Hunter Rowland dominating the racing.

Race Results (Competitors from Christchurch unless stated)
SprintcarsGeneral Tyres War of Wings Round 1
Ht 1. Matt Honeywell 1, Jason Scott (Cromwell) 2, Nathan Astle 3.Ht 2. Daniel Anderson (Cromwell) 2, Brent Gaudion 2, Ray Baughan 3.Ht 3. Bryan Menefy (P. North) 1, Kris Gerard (Nelson) 2, Greg Teece (Nelson) 3.Ht 4. Lindsay Gilbert 1, Mark Evans (Cromwell) 2, Baughan 3.Ht 5. Menefy 1, Scott 2, Teece 3.Ht 6. Honeywell 1, Greg Clemence 2, Anderson 3.Qualifying Points: Menefy 27, Scott 25, Anderson 24, Teece 22, Mark Evans (Cromwell)21, Baughan 20, Clemence 20, Honeywell 20, Caleb Brooks 16, Astle 15, Gilbert 14,Brett Sullivan (Nelson) 12, Gaudion 9, Gareth Thomas 9, Gerard 9, Andy Erskine(Cromwell) 9, Allan Chapman 6, Myles Wederall 5, Barry Low 0, Anthony Dawson 0.Feature. Teece 1, Honeywell 2, Scott 3, Baughan 4, Anderson 5, Astle 6. Erkine 7,Clemence 8, Evans 9, Menefy 10.
Ht 1. Glen Durie 1, Graham Sharpe 2, Scott Millar 3.Ht 2. Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 1, Glen Everett 2, Glen Durie 3.Feature. Durie 1, Wilkie 2, Everett 3.
Three Quarter Midgets
Div 2. Matt Leversedge 1, Gareth Bindon 2, Sean Brown (Greymouth) 3.Div 1. Atama Holland (Greymouth) 1, Kyle Glover 2, Mark Morris 3.Feature. Bindon 1, Marcus Doocey 2, Kate Warren 3.
Modified Sprints
Ht 1. Kieran Harris 1, Nigel Jackson 2, Josh Walls 3.Ht 2. Walls 1, Harris 2, Jackson 3.
Quarter Midgets
Race 1. Liam McCoubrey 1, Brad Shearman 2, Jack Low 3.Race 2. Hunter Rowland 1, McCoubrey 2, Shearman 3.Feature. Rowland 1, McCoubrey 2, Shearman 3.