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Race Results

Auckland’s Brad Mosen deservedly won the 73rd New Zealand Midgetcar Championship raced at City South Van Spares Ruapuna Speedway on Friday Saturday, with Brock Mascovich (Auckland) second and local Dave Kerr becoming the first local driver to finish on the rostrum in over two decades when claiming third place on the final lap.

Mosen, who had twice finished runner-up up in the title, showed that he would be the driver to beat when dominating his other 32 rivals during the heat racing of the Deno’s Towing sponsored event, dropping just one point from his five heats, with four wins and a second to start the title race on the front row alongside defending champion, Michael Pickens who was attempting to equal Ted Tracey’s record seven national titles.

Picken’s briefly lead Mosen from the green light in the final but Mosen powered around Picken’s on the CJ Phillips Construction Town bend on the opening lap. Picken’s twice tried a slide pass on the leader but could not make it stick and Mosen quickly opened up a race winning margin as Picken’s car slowed coming out of the Stadium Car Prison bend it what looked to be a fuel issue.

With Mosen increasing his lead lap by lap interest focus on second and third with Mascovich passing Pickens on lap four to take second place with Pickens regaining the spot on the next lap. Mascovich regained second place three laps later with the two swapping positions again on lap 14 and lap 17 to leave Mascovich in second spot. Kerr, who started from grid 8 had worked his way up to fourth place midway into the 25 lap race and with Picken’s car slowing over the closing laps made the decisive pass coming out of the Town bend on the final lap with Hayden Williams also passed the outgoing champion before the chequered flag.

Mosen’s dominance of the championship was shown by his winning margin was over five seconds, with his lead at times over half a lap and once in front his win was never in doubt. Kerr’s third place had the home crowd on their feet on the final laps with the fifth time’s South Island champion the top South Islander after the heat racing with a win, two thirds and two four placings.

Overall the midgetcar racing was some of the best ever in recent seasons with the smooth track conditions on both night a credit to all the hours put by the track crew with plenty of racing lines over the two nights which saw only three cars rolling during the racing, the worst being Nelson’s James Nicholson who clipped Graham Sharp’s car coming out of the Prison bend during the final heat sending Nicholson car on a wild ride with a series of flips down the front straight with the Nicholson quickly climbing out of his badly damaged race.    

On the other featured event over the two nights was the K & T Drainage TQ Masters which won by Napier’s Duane Todd - 73 points with local Gareth Bindon (69) second from Auckland Hayden Guptill (67). The 27 car three wide format on Saturday saw plenty of carnage with only 11 cars finishing all three heats.


Deno’s Towing 73rd New Zealand Championship


Ht 1. Michael Pickens(Auckland) 1, Hayden Williams (Auck) 2, Ben Drummond (Auck) 3

Ht 2. Brad Mosen (Auck) 1, Nick Marquet (Nelson) 2, Dave Kerr 3.

Ht 3. Scott Buckley (Auck) 1, Brock Mascovich (Auck) 2, Nevil Basalij (Nelson) 3.

Ht 4. Mosen 1, Marquet 2, Ryan O’Conner (Auck) 3

Ht 5. Williams 1, Duane Hickman (Stratford) 2, Mascovich 3.

Ht 6. Basalaj 1, Buckley 2, Kerr 3.

Ht 7. Mosen 1, Hickman 2, Mascovich 3.

Ht 8. Kerr 1, Pickens 2, Chris Gwilliam (Auck) 3.

Ht 9. Williams 1, Peter Hunnibull (Auckland) 2, Dayne Maxwell (Auck) 3.

Ht 10. Pickens 1, Mascovich, Barclay 3.

Ht 11. Dion Rochford 1, Williams 2, Kerr 3.

Ht 12. Maxwell 1, Mosen 2, Buckley 3.

Ht 13. Pickens 1, Buckley 2, Maxwell 3.

Ht 14. Mascovich 1, Gwilliam 2, Hickman 3.

Ht 15. Mosen 1, O’Conner 2, Hunnibell 3.

Qualifying Points: Mosen 59, Pickens & Williams 55, Mascovich 54, Buckley 53, Kerr 50, Basalaj and Hickman 48, Gwilliam 46, O’Conner 42, Maxwell, Everett & Hunnibell 41, Marquet 38, Tom Lumsden 36, Dave Gick (Auck) 32, Nick Donaldson 32, Leon Burgess (Auck) 31, Nathan Blomquist  and Brain Fridd 30, Chris McCutcheon 29, Barcley 26, Drummond and Gary Chadwick 25, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 22, Dion Rochford 20, Jimmy Greenough(Stratford) 19, Nathan Roberts 17, Steve McCallum and Blair Bertram (Auck) 16, Graham Sharp 15, Glen Durie & James Nicholson (Nelson)  14 Jarrod Wade (Auck) 0.      

B Main. Burgess 1, Donaldson 2, Blomquist 3.

New Zealand Championship Final. Mosen 1, Mascovich 2, Kerr 3, Williams 4, Pickens 5, O’Connor 6, Hickman 7, Hunnibell 8, Buckley 9, Gick 10, Maxwell 11, Basalaj 12, Burgess 13, McCutcheon 14, Gwilliam 15, Donaldson 16, Marquet 17, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 18, Everett 19, Tom Lumsden 20, Rochford 21 Nathan Blomquist 22.  

Three Quarter Midgetcars

K & T Drainage Masters


Ht 1. Duane Todd (Hawkes Bay) 1, Lindsay Bailey 2, Paul LeCren (Auckland) 3.

Ht 2. Jeremy Webb 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Craig Todd (H Bay) 3.

Ht 3. Danny Keene (Auck) 1, Matt Leveresedge 2, Liam McCoubrey 3.

Ht 4. D Todd 1, Gilmore 2, Webb 3.

Ht 5. Webb 1, McCoubrey 2, Alicia McLauchlan (Nelson) 3

Ht 6. Shane Phillips (Auck) 1, D Todd 2, Keene 3.

Repercharge. Gareth Bindon 1, Ben Smith 2, Mark Morris 3.

Masters Final.

Ht 1. Bindon 1, Keene 2, Matt Leversedge 3.

Ht 2. Webb 1, D Todd 2, McCoubrey 3.

Ht 3. Hayden Guptill (Auckland) 1, Liam McCoubrey 2, Scott Bailey 3.

Overall Points – Top 10. D Todd 73, Bindon 69, Guptill 67, Bailey & McCoubrey 66, Daniel McKinley 62, McLauchlan 60, Jayden Busch 59, Charles Gardiner 47, Tim Yellowless 46

Modified Sprints

Ht 1. Ben Gilmore 1, Charlie Jackson 2, Verdon McHaffie 3.

Ht 2. Gilmore 1, McHaffie 2, Jayden Fraser 3.

Feature. Gilmore 1, McHaffie 2, Jackson 3.

1/4 Midgets

Ht 1. Montana Jamieson 1, Brad Clive 2, Jayden Bradley (Nelson) 3.

Ht 2. Bradley 1, Jamieson 2, Clive 3.

Feature. Bradley 1, Ben Morgan 2, Jack Low 3.

Six Shooters

Ht 1. Peter Keith 1, Grant Harkness 2, Kris Jemmett 3.

Ht 2. Kris Jemmett 1, Harkness 2, Ben Smith 3

Feature. Hay 1, Harkness 2, Mason 3.

¼ Midgets

Ht 1. Bradley 1, Clive 2, Jamieson 3.

Ht 2. Bradley 1, Clive 2, Jamieson 3.

Feature. Clive 1, Bradley 2, Jack Low 3.

Last Updated: 22 February 2015

Excellent track conditions at City South Van Spares Ruapuna Speedway produced fast closing racing on Saturday evening. Jamie Duff had the ideal build up for the New Zealand Sprintcar title which will be contested in Palmerton North later this month when winning the Canterbury championship, from Matt Honeywell and Daniel Anderson.

Duff who does most of his racing in the North Island finished second behind his younger brother, Steve Duff junior in the opening heat with Anderson of Te Anau third. Ashburton’s Honeywell took out the second heat from Jamie Duff with Ray Baughan in third place.

In the 15 lap Feature which saw the top six scorers inverted meaning top scorer Jamie Duff had to start of grid six. Honeywell made the most of his front row start and lead out from Anderson with Lindsay Gilbert in third place with Duff quickly moving into four place by the end of the opening lap. Duff then accounted for Gilbert on the next lap before passing Anderson on lap five, with Anderson having opened up a handy 80 metre lead.

Over the next five laps this gap slowly closed with Duff right on Honeywell’s tail with five laps to race with Duff managing to get his nose in front two laps later only for Honeywell to regain the lead on the next turn. Duff finally blasted by Honeywell on the outside going down the back straight and then quickly opening up a good lead with Honeywell having to close out Anderson on the final lap with Baughan in four place.

The Midgetcar section had their final hit out before Deno’s Towing New Zealand title which will be raced at Ruapuna in the 20/21 February with the running of Round three of the Southern Series. Series leader Nevil Basalaj had a horror night with cars issues failing to finish a race all evening which left Nick Marquet also from Nelson to take out the round. Newly crowned South Island champion, Glenn Everett won the opening heat from the fast finishing Dave Kerr, with Dunedin’s Gavin Wilkie third, with Marquet in sixth place.

Both Kerr and Everett failed to finish the next heat when both rolling their cars in separate incidents which saw Glen Durie take the chequered flag from Marquet and Brian Fridd. In the Feature Marquet took the lead from early leader, Steve McCallum on lap six and then had a great dice with Wilkie with the two locked together right up to the race finish with Durie third from Fridd and Graham Sharp.

The closed finish of the night come in the TQ Feature when Liam McCoubrey had to fight of a late challenge from Andrew Marker who was debuting his new car. Marker has earlier claimed a third and a win in the heats and closed right up on McCoubrey on the final laps with the two cousins locked together when racing to the finish line with McCoubrey holding on to win by just over a tenth of a season.

Ben Gilmore was the pick of the Modified Sprint class with two wins, including the Feature plus a second behind Kevin Clive in the opening heat. Clive was second in the Feature with Invercargill’s Ray Phillips third. Grant Harkness was standout in the Six Shooter class with a win in the Feature along with two seconds in the heats. Nelson’s Jayden Bradley was unbeaten in the ¼ Midgetcar class.  

Race Results – Competitors from Christchurch Unless Stated


Canterbury Championship

Ht 1. Steve Duff Junior 1, Jamie Duff 2, Daniel Anderson (Te Anau) 3.  

Ht 2. Matt Honeywell (Ashburton) 1, Jamie Duff 2, Ray Baughan 3.

Feature. Duff 1, Honeywell 2, Anderson 3.


Equus/Oxford Motor Court Southern Midget Series – Round 3

Ht 1. Glenn Everett 1, Dave Kerr 2, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 3.

Ht 2. Glen Durie 1, Nick Marquet (Nelson) 2, Brian Fridd 3.

Feature. Marquet 1, Wilkie 2, Durie 3.

Three Quarter Midgets

Ht 1. Lindsay Bailey 1, Scott Bailey 2, Andrew Marker 3.

Ht 2. Marker 1, Liam McCoubrey 2, Gareth Nixon 3.

Feature. McCoubrey 1, Marker 2, S Bailey 3.

Six Shooters

Ht 1. Todd Hay 1, Grant Harkness 2, Peter Keith 3. 

Ht 2. Kris Jemmett 1, Harkness 2, Jeremy Wright 3.

Feature. Harkness 1, Jemmett 2, Jason Mason 3.

Modified Sprints.

Ht 1. Kevin Clive 1, Ben Gilmore 2, James Doyle 3.

Ht 2. Gilmore 1, Ray Phillips (Invercargill) 2, Vernon McHaffie 3.  

Feature. Gilmore 1, Clive 2, Phillips 3.

¼ Midgets

Ht 1. Jayden Bradley (Nelson) 1, Montana Jamieson 2, Brad Clive 3. 

Hr2. Bradley 1, Jack Low 2, Ben Morgan 3. 

Feature. Bradley 1, Clive 2, Jamieson 3.

Last Updated: 02 February 2015