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Race Results

Jeremy Webb and Glenn Everett were the winners in their respective South Island Championships at City South Van Spares Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening. Webb extended his record run to four in a row in the Three Quarter Midget title from Matt Leversedge and Greymouth’s James Thompson with Glenn Everett claiming his maiden Midget title from Glen Durie and Brian Fridd.

Webb went into the 20 lap Feature of the Tigertint sponsored title second on points behind former NZ GP champion, Leversedge after the latter won two of the three heats with Webb taking out the other. Somewhat surprisingly Leversedge elected to start on the inside row of the front row giving Webb the outside start.

Webb powered to the lead from the green from Leveresedge with former titleholder Kyle Glover in third place. The two leaders opened up a handy lead as Glover became involved in a great dice with Liam McCoubrey. By the mid race point Webb was in control of the race leading by nearly a second with McCoubrey pressing Glover for third place.

Three laps later the leaders started to encounter lap traffic but this did not slow Webb down with the race going under caution with three laps to race after Glover and McCoubrey tangled coming out of the Stadium Car Prison bend seeing both roll and out of the title hunt.

On the restart Webb quickly opened up a lead going on to win by over a second from Leversedge, with another second back to Thompson, who was followed home by Tim Millar, Alicia McLauchlan (Nelson) who was impressive in what was her first SI champs, Lindsay Bailey, Kimberley Yeatman and Scott Bailey. Webb and his rivals will now set their sights on the NZ championships at Greymouth in February.

Everett’s win the Equus SI Midget title was not as clear cut as Webb’s. Everett and the defending title holder Nelson’s Nevil Basalaj each won a qualifying heat each to finish at the top of the points table to earn them a front row start. Everett took the early lead by Basalaj running wide passed Everett coming out of turn four to leading after the opening lap from Durie, Tom Lumsden and Fridd. Six time title holder, Dave Kerr suffered engine problem in the heats had to start near the back of the field and quickly moved though the 16 car field and was in sixth place on lap 5 and in fourth place two laps later.

On lap eleven Basalaj’s motor went off song and stopped forcing retirement with Everett back in front. Everett quickly opened up a good lead on the restart from Durie with Kerr moving by Lumsden to claim third place and then accounted for Durie on lap fourteen. Just when it looked like Kerr may eat into Everett’s lead the motor blew with four laps to race. On the restart Everett was again incontrol from Durie with Nathan Blomquist briefly holding third place from Fridd before Fridd reclaimed the spot on the next lap with the placing’s unchanged until the finish with Blomquist fourth in his rokkie season from Dunedin’s Gavin Wilkie, Lumsden, Brian Barclay, and Nick Marquet (Nelson).

Kris Jemmett was undefeated in the Six Shooter class, with Paul Anderson and Nic Case picking up two wins in the first outing of the sidecars this season with the ¼ Midget section again producing close racing with Nelson Jayden Bradley claiming two wins with Brad Clive taking out the Feature.

Race Results – Competitors from Christchurch Unless Stated

Equus South Island Championships

Ht 1. Glenn Everett 1, Tom Lumsden 2, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 3.

Ht 2. Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 1, Glen Durie 2, Everett 3.

Qualfying Points: Everett 32, Basalaj 31, Lumsden 30, Durie 28, Barclay 22, Blair Bertram (Auckland) 22, Blomquist 22, Fridd 22, Steve McCallum 17, Graham Sharp 15, Wilkie 15, John Mabbett (Nelson) 14, Fraser Dunsmire 11, Kerr 4, Marquart 0, Nathan Roberts 0, Dion Rochford 0.

Feature. Everett 1, Durie 2, Brian Fridd 3, Nathan Blomquist 4,

Three Quarter Midgets

Tiger Tint South Island Championship

Ht 1. Matt Leversedge 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Alicia McLaughlan (Nelson) 3.

Ht 2. Jeremy Webb 1, Liam McCoubrey 2, Scott Bailey 3.

Ht 3. Leveresedge 1, Webb 2, Glover 3.

Qualifying Points: Leversedge 71, Webb 68, Glover 56, Sean Brown (Greymouth) 53, McCoubrey 53, James Thompson 52, Daniel Jenkins 51, S Bailey 51, Tim Millar 45, Gavin Chappell 42, McLaughlan 42, Lindsay Bailey 41, Daniel McKinlay 41, Kimberlay Yeatman 39, Charles Gardiner 37, Atama Holland (Greymouth) 34, Matt Davison 33, Brett Booth 28, Gilmore 24, Ryan Chapman 20, Gareth Nixon 14, Jemma Wilson 12, Mark Morris 8, James Graham 8, Gareth Bindon 0.

Final. Webb 1, Leversedge 2, Thompson (Greymouth) 3, Millar 4, McLaughlan 5, Bailey 6, Yeatman 7, S Bailey 8, Booth 9, Gardiner 10.

Ht 2. Jemmett 1, Peter Keith 2, Jason Corboy 3.

Feature. Jemmett 1, Jeremy Wright 2, Spooner 3.

¼ Midgets

Ht 1. Jayden Bradley 1, Jack Low 2, Montana Jamieson 3.

Ht 2. Bradley 1, Brad Clive 2, Jamieson 3.

Feature. Clive 1, Jamieson 2, Bradley 3.


Ht 1. Bevan Nuttridge / Dylan Fox 1, Brett Moyle / Karl Haddock 2, Paul Anderson / Nic Case 3.

Ht 2. Anderson / Case 1, Moyle / Haddock 2, Nuttridge / Fox 3.

Final. Anderson / Case 1, Nuttridge / Dylan Fox 2, Gary Stalker / Stephen Burrows 3.

Last Updated: 25 January 2015

Plenty of hard work by Auckland sprintcar driver Daniel Eggleton and his pit crew paid off when he won the Avon Insurance Brokers New Zealand Grand Prix at in trying conditions at City South Van Spares Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening, from local Jamie Duff and Dean Brindle (Auckland). Eggleton’s motor developed problems on Thursday meeting at Ruapuna so the team arranged to a spare engine to be flown down to Christchurch on Friday and installed in time to won the national event.

Eggleton finished fourth in his opening heat, won by Jamie Larsen (Kapiti Coast) before taking out the chequered flag in his next heat after moving to the lead on the opening lap going on to win by a clear margin with a real battle for second and third between Skinny Colson (Tauranga) and Wellington Stephen Taylor over the closing laps with the two swapping placing several times before Colson claimed second place. Auckland’s Jamie McDonald took out the other heat along with an earlier third place went into the GP Feature as the top points scorer and elected to start on the outside row of the front row alongside Eggleton.

Due the scorching temperatures and winds the track had ‘slicked’ off when plenty of rubber laid down on the racing surface for the latter part of the meeting when meant throttle and brake control was going to be vital with tyre wear and even fuel a factor over the 30 lap distant. McDonald was the first to come unstuck after leading to the first lap almost spun on the next lap but was straighten up by a rival which damaged a radius rod on McDonald’s car forcing him to retire.

This left Eggleton in front from Colson and local Ray Baughan with interest mid-pack and near the end of the field as the likes of Larsen, Duff, Taylor and Brindle started to move through what was and 18 car field. The leaders were lapping slower cars by lap ten with Larsen and then Duff passing Baughan on the same lap, with Eggleton in control from Colson before another caution light closed the field up.

In the restart Colson was clipped by a rival causing Colson to redraw with a flat tyre. On the green Eggleton again jumped out to a good lead with Larsen and Duff locked together with a further gap to the rest of the field. Eggleton started to lap some of the field for a second time by lap 20. Another caution saw Duff tagged by Taylor on the Town bend cause Duff to spin but he was restarted in his third position. Late in the race tyre ware forced several other retirement with Taylor forced out with a lack of fuel which allowed Brindle to move into third place behind Eggleton and Duff with two lap to run, Allan Chapman was fourth overall from Greymouth’s Steve Thompson and Nelson Kris Gerard, with the other twelve cars falling to finish the race.

In other classes Jeremy Webb continued to dominate in his TQ, with yet other Feature win along with a win and a second in the heats. Glenn Everett and Glen Durie claim a heat win in the midget class, as did Grant Harkness and Kris Jemmett in the Six Shooters with Brad Clive claiming his first wins of the season the in the 1/4 class which included the Feature.

Race Results – Competitors from Christchurch Unless Stated


Avon Insurance Brokers New Zealand Grant Prix

Ht 1. Jamie Larsen (Kapiti Coast) 1, Ray Baughan 2, Jamie McDonald (Auckland) 3.

Ht 2. McDonald 1, Jamie Duff 2, Skinny Colson (Tauranga) 3.

Ht 3. Daniel Eggleton (Auck) 1, Colson 2, Stephen Taylor (Wellington)     

GP Feature. Eggleton 1, Duff 2, Brindle 3, Allan Chapman 4, Steve Thompson (Greymouth) 5, Kris Gerald (Nelson) 6.

Ht 1. Glenn Everett 1, Nick Marquet (Nelson) 2, Blair Low 3.

Ht 2. Glen Durie 1, Gavin Wilkie (Dunedin) 2, Nevil Basalaj (Nelson) 3

Three Quarter Midgets

Ht 1. Jeremy Webb 1, Lindsay Bailey, Kyle Glover 3.

Ht 2. Shane Phillips (Auckland) 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Kimberley Yeatman 3.

Ht 3. Daniel McKinlay 1, Webb 2, Mark Morris 3.

Ht 4. Matt Leversedge 1, Scott Bailey 2, Gareth Nixon 3.

Feature. Webb 1, Phillips 2, Gilmore 3.

Modified Sprints

Ht 1. Tom Lumsden 1, Ben Gilmore 2, Allan Daly 3.

Six Shooters

Ht 1. Kris Jemmett 1, Peter Keith 2, Jason Manson 3.

Ht 2. Grant Harkness 1, Mason 2, Peter Keith 3.  

¼ Midgets

Ht 1. Brad Clive 1, Jayden Bradley (Nelson) 2, Jack Low 3.

Ht 2. Montana Jamieson 1, Bradley 2, Clive 3.

Feature. Clive 1, Bradley 2, Jamieson 3.

Last Updated: 18 January 2015